GXO Investor Day
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GXO Logistics – a leap of joy into the future

The Loadstar  | Lip. 14, 2021

The separation of GXO Logistics from XPO Logistics, expected to take place in the third quarter

GXO-Logistics-XPO Board Approves GXO Spin-Off
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XPO Logistics’ Spin-Off Is Almost Ready To Go

The Motley Fool  | Lip. 14, 2021

The spin-off company, called GXO Logistics, is set to become its own the entity in the third quarter, XPO just revealed.

Mark Manduca, Chief Investment Officer, GXO Logistics
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How is the e-commerce boom reshaping Logistics?

Transport Topics Roadsigns  | Cze. 25, 2021

Join host Seth Clevenger as he gets the 411 on e-commerce fulfillment from Mark Manduca, chief investment officer for XPO’s contract logistics segment, which will soon become a standalone company, GXO.

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XPO Logistics Taps Angus Tweedie as SVP of Strategy for GXO Logistics

Home Furnishings Business  | Cze. 15, 2021

XPO Logistics Inc. has announced that Angus Tweedie has been appointed to the leadership team of GXO Logistics, Inc., the intended spin-off of XPO’s logistics business.

Sandeep Sakharkar, CIO, GXO Logistics
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XPO taps CIO for supply-chain services spin-off

Wall Street Journal  | Kwi. 9, 2021

XPO Logistics Inc. named a chief information officer for its spin-off company, as it prepares to split its transportation and supply-chain management businesses into separate entities.

XPO Builds Momentum Heading Into Spin-Off
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XPO builds momentum heading into spin-off

The Motley Fool  | lt.. 16, 2021

CEO Brad Jacobs said, “Our fourth-quarter revenue, earnings, and free cash flow were all much better than expected, The industry’s biggest tailwinds are at our back in 2021.”

20210119 TransportTopics
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Incoming CEO of XPO spin-off company outlines plans

Transport Topics  | Sty. 19, 2021

Malcolm Wilson shares his plans for when he becomes the first CEO of a new company splitting from XPO Logistics, Inc.

Malcolm Wilson, CEO, GXO Logistics
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XPO names leadership team for new logistics business

Transport Topics  | Sty. 12, 2021

XPO Logistics Inc. on Jan. 12 announced the senior leadership team for the upcoming spin-off of its logistics segment.