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Fashion forward : three trends reshaping supply chains

Greenwich, Conn.  |  okt. 4, 2021

How ecommerce, product returns and sustainability are impacting the industry and the supply chain

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Het tijdperk van de automatisering

Greenwich, Conn.  |  sep. 3, 2021

Wat is de toegevoegde waarde van logistieke technologie? Sandeep Sakharkar bespreekt hoe technologie en automatisering slimmere supply chains creëren.

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Unpacking Sustainable Returns

Greenwich, Conn.  |  aug. 19, 2021

As consumers continue to shift to e-commerce, the deluge of items returned online poses more than a logistical challenge for retailers and 3PLs ­– it’s also an environmental one.

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Een cultuur op volle kracht

Greenwich, Conn.  |  aug. 11, 2021

Wie zijn we, en wie willen we zijn? Maryclaire Hammond, CHRO, introduceert GXO's vijf gedeelde normen en waarden.


Welcome to GXO

Greenwich, Conn.  |  aug. 2, 2021

Today marks a turning point for all of us. Like many before us, we’re building a brand-new company that’s filled with promise and opportunity.