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XPO unveils GXO as new company name for planned spin-off of logistics business

Greenwich, Conn. | Mar. 18, 2021

XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: XPO), a leading global provider of supply chain solutions, today announced the identity of the new company that has been created in connection with the planned spin-off of XPO’s logistics business. The company is named GXO Logistics, Inc. and will go to market with the tagline “Logistics at full potential.”


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VM Award 500X300
Press release

GXO wins innovation award in partnership with Virgin Media

Greenwich, Conn.  |  Oct. 20, 2021

GXO announced that the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE) has awarded the ISO 56002 Investor in Innovations Standard to GXO’s Virgin Media logistics operations.

GXO 500X300
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GXO and Castorama Polska renew partnership in Poland

Greenwich, Conn.  |  Oct. 14, 2021

Castorama will continue to benefit from GXO’s expertise in automation and distribution support .

GXO team member 500X300
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GXO to recruit 9,000 employees in North America for peak

Greenwich, Conn.  |  Oct. 13, 2021

GXO plans to recruit 9,000 employees in North America ahead of holiday peak and continues to expand the use of advanced automation.


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Fashion forward : three trends reshaping supply chains

Greenwich, Conn.  |  Oct. 4, 2021

How ecommerce, product returns and sustainability are impacting the industry and the supply chain

XPO Robot P1430311

The era of automation

Greenwich, Conn.  |  Sep. 3, 2021

What is the value of logistics technology? Sandeep Sakharkar discusses how technology and automation create smarter supply chains.

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Unpacking Sustainable Returns

Greenwich, Conn.  |  Aug. 19, 2021

As consumers continue to shift to e-commerce, the deluge of items returned online poses more than a logistical challenge for retailers and 3PLs ­– it’s also an environmental one.

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GXO Investor Day
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GXO Logistics – a leap of joy into the future

The Loadstar  |  Jul. 14, 2021

The separation of GXO Logistics from XPO Logistics, expected to take place in the third quarter

GXO-Logistics-XPO Board Approves GXO Spin-Off
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XPO Logistics’ Spin-Off Is Almost Ready To Go

The Motley Fool  |  Jul. 14, 2021

The spin-off company, called GXO Logistics, is set to become its own the entity in the third quarter, XPO just revealed.

Mark Manduca, Chief Investment Officer, GXO Logistics
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How is the e-commerce boom reshaping Logistics?

Transport Topics Roadsigns  |  Jun. 25, 2021

Join host Seth Clevenger as he gets the 411 on e-commerce fulfillment from Mark Manduca, chief investment officer for XPO’s contract logistics segment, which will soon become a standalone company, GXO.

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XPO warehouse
Press release

Selected by Electrolux

Greenwich, Conn.  |  Jun. 22, 2021

XPO has been awarded a multiyear contract by electrolux to manage its logistics operations in France

Electric US truck
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Green 75 Supply Chain Partner

Greenwich, Conn.  |  Jun. 18, 2021

XPO Logistics Recognized for Environmental Sustainability as a Green 75 Supply Chain Partner

Meagan Fitzsimmons
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XPO Logistics Announces Meagan Fitzsimmons as Chief Compliance Officer for GXO Logistics Spin-Off

Greenwich, Conn.  |  Jun. 15, 2021

XPO Logistics announces Meagan Fitzsimmons as Chief Compliance Officer for GXO Logistics

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